Sherlock Holmes & The Case of the Christmas Carol – Dec 2-17, 2016

Scarborough Theatre Guild presents – A Christmas mash-up !

If Charles Dickens and Arthur Conan Doyle had a baby – this would be it !! Picture the brusque Sherlock Holmes losing his life-balance without his trusty sidekick, Watson.  His downward spiral warrants a visit from some Christmas spirits – with a setup from his old nemesis, Moriarity who inhabits the Marley role.
He is visited in turn by his 3 spirits who take him to various scenes of his life.  We get to see him as a young lad hearing the news of his mother’s passing..  to an opportunity for love.. to a “Wonderful Life” take on the world without his influence and a shocking vision of a future he could not imagine.
Holmes (Ross Saturno) is onstage for the majority of the one-act play and it is lovely to see him react to his life in review.  This is a huge part, and we get to see and feel his emotional change of heart. His better half, Watson (Chris Hardess) sets up the story and has two touching scenes with the down-to-earth Mrs. Hudson (Julie Adams) as they discuss their friend.
Christine Mogollon plays the youngest Holmes and also the street urchin, Topper. These two children have vastly different life circumstances, yet both evoke compassion for the childhood-lost.
Moriarity (Jason Pilgrim) challenges Holmes as he pokes fun at his own ghostly appearance.  Jason also appears as Wiggins, head of Holmes’ street gang, The Irregulars.
The Spirits are well-cast – Paula Wilkie as the Spirit of Christmas Past – gently eases Holmes into his memories, with thought-provoking commentary.  Neil Kulin – the booming embodiment of Christmas Present – peels away layers to show Holmes a present he misinterprets or is blind to see.  Drew Smylie as the Spirit of Christmas yet to come, is a shadowy figure (literally!) who through gesture alone, focuses Holmes on the things he must see to jolt him off his current path.
Each vignette is a mini-play within a play .. with the 14 cast members doubling (and tripling) their roles – Robert Herr (20-ish Holmes, future Holmes), Melissa Cote (Holmes love interest Becky, cemetery mourner Mabel), Heather Brown (Head Nurse, cemetery mourner Vera), Julie Adams (Mrs Hudson, rich toff’s girl, voice of Holmes’ mother), Scott Simpson (Lestrade, rich toff, German soldier), Nitin Mascreen (Garrison, minstrel), Abram Taylor (member of The Irregulars – Eli, General). The Spirits also have other roles – Drew Smylie (Holmes’ brother Mycroft, Uncle Tim, 3rd Spirit), Neil Kulin (Albert, 2nd Spirit), Paul Wilkie (1st Spirit, ASM )
The play is an hour 45 minutes – and runs without intermission.  The actors begin the play by coming onstage and greeting the audience – inviting them into the shared experience ‘yes we are doing a play for you!’ At the end, the actors invite the audience to follow them out to the lobby for Christmas treats.
Director, Andy Pandoff designed the wonderful set, researched the times and shared lots of wisdom to aid the actors in inhabiting their characters.
The play runs from Dec 2nd to Dec 17th at Scarborough Village Theatre, (Kingston Rd and Markham Rd) and tickets can be purchased online at: